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Reproductive Healthcare Rights

The Supreme Court tossed abortion issues back to the state. We have already seen my opponent vote NO to preserving reproductive rights and the right to an abortion.  We have already seen my opponent vote YES to SB106, allowing abortion to be banned in our state constitution by way of ballot question. The leaders of the Republican Party today are leading an assault on women’s health and reproductive rights and I will stand up to them. When Pennsylvania addresses abortion legislation on in the Commonwealth, these are my essential demands.

· The law must value the findings of medicine and science.

· Religious rights must be protected.

· There may not be any vigilante law that allows spying on pregnant women.

· I absolutely oppose a requirement to report a woman’s miscarriage to police.

· Women who decide to bring the pregnancy to term must have full access to pre-natal care, including funding from public funds for health insurance.

· Schools and employers must not be allowed to stigmatize families with single mothers.

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